Board Of Directors

UpdatedMonday June 7, 2021 byHeather MacNeil.


We have an urgent need for new board members. Many of our officers have served on the board for several years, and with kids who have either aged out of the program already or will be aging out this year, several seats will be vacated after this upcoming season. We really need parents of the younger participants to participate and ensure the future of the organization. Please consider volunteering. It is a lot of fun and no experience is necessary. The former board members will help you to learn your responsibilities and getting involved this year will help with the transition during the major turnover after next season.  The time commitment is minimal - We meet once per month (typically the first Thursday of the month), and most of the needed tasks are in-season only (late July to mid-October).

We will be voting the new board members at the annual meeting Thursday, January 30 at 7:00 at the Littleton Police Dept Community room. Parents that are interested in becoming part of the board, or have additional questions, please get in touch with LYTFC President Greg Bottenhorn ( OR 843-360-5611) as soon as possible.

The current Board Members are:

Greg Bottenhorn (President)

Joe Manno (VP Tackle)

Holly Berecz (VP Cheer)

Benny Nachman (Vice Pres Flag Football)

Lisa Montgomery (Secretary)

Lanette Sundquist (Treasurer)

Karen Bottenhorn (Director of Concessions)

Jennessa McQuade (Director of Fundraising)

Claude Corbeil (Director of Web/Registrations)

OPEN (Director of Apparel)

OPEN (Director of Equipment)



The board would like to thank the following outgoing board members for their efforts over the past several years:

Heather MacNeil (Director of Web/Registrations)

Monique Beganski (VP Cheer)


Thanks for volunteering in advance,

Greg Bottenhorn

President LYTFC