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Updated Tuesday April 9, 2019 by Kurt Landfors.

General information for the Littleton Flag Football program

Littleton flag football is intended to be a fun way to introduce kids to football. It is minimal commitment. Teams meet for 1 1/2 -2 hours each Saturday with a 30-60 minute practice followed by a 1-hour game. Details below:

Register by July 31 to be guaranteed a slot! Any registrations after July 31 will be wait listed. Players will not be added unless slots exist and addition of a player will not impact the balance of teams.

The season runs from 9/9/17 to Mid November - Skip Columbus Day
* Equal playtime is the goal.
* Teams are drafted with the intent that they will be equal.
* All games played behind the Littleton High School
* Practice/Games for 6-7-year-olds will be from 1-3 pm
* Practice/Games for 8-9-year-olds will be from 2:30- 4 pm
* Practice/Games for 10-11-year-olds will be from 3:30- 5 pm