Cheer FAQs

UpdatedThursday March 11, 2021 byLYTFC.

Cheer Frequently Asked Questions

Where and when can I register?

Cheer registration typically opens in April and closes on June 30th. Children between the ages of 5 – 14 are invited to register for cheer. Registration is done on this website. Follow the Registration link on the left.

What paperwork is required for registering?

Each cheerleader will be required to provide:
1. A raised seal birth certificate
2. End of year report card from the previous school year
3. Completed physical dated from Jan 1 forward of the current year or medical clearance form
4. Recent photo
5. AYC Code of Conduct Form
6. Emergency medical treatment form
7. Waiver release of liability
8. Image Release Minor
9. Signed Cheer Contract

Are there tryouts?

There are no tryouts for cheer. All children registering will be included in the program provided there are enough registrants to form a team.

How much does cheer cost?

The annual Cheer registration fee is $260.00 per child for children ages 5-14. There are discounts offered for paying early and sibling discounts. The registration fee covers the cheer uniform, sneakers, bows and poms. Uniforms and poms are returned at the end of the season, sneakers and bows are kept by the cheerleaders.

What equipment will I need to purchase?

Cheerleaders will need to purchase bodyliners, bloomers, socks and a practice uniform. These are typically ordered and paid for during uniform sizing nights held in June/July. Warmups are optional and available at the Purchase Apparel link on the left.

When does the season begin and end?

The Cheer season typically begins the first week in August (sometimes in late July) with practices Mon-Thu and a Jamboree three weeks in. Football games begin the following week and cheerleaders will cheer at games and reduce practices to 2-3 nights a week once school starts. The football season typically ends in late October but cheerleaders will continue to practice and compete into November and teams which continue to advance may compete into early December.

How often do the teams practice and where?

During August, cheer teams will practice 3-4 nights per week. Once school begins, practice is reduced to 2-3 nights per week. All teams practice outside at the Littleton Middle School during August and will move indoors after school starts at either the High School, Middle School or Shaker Lane gym.

What is the attendance policy?

Cheerleading is unlike other sports in that each and every member of the squad is required for practicing stunts and choreography. There are no back-up cheerleaders. A single missing teammate will impact the entire team and therefore, attendance is required at all practices and competitions. Attendance is particularly important once school starts and the team is preparing to compete. Please refer to the LYTFC Attendance policy on the left side menu under "Downloads" for details.

How many games are there in a season?

A typical cheer season will consist of about 10 games. Usually half of the games are at home and half are away. If a team advances to the playoffs, the cheerleaders often cheer as well.

Do the Cheer teams compete?

LYTFC is part of the Central Mass AYF organization. There are (at minimum) two competitions that the cheer squads will participate in. Fun Competition is typically held in September and Local Competition is in October. Teams can advance from Locals to States, Regionals, and Nationals based on their how they place at each preceding competition.

Are parents required to volunteer?

The LYTFC program is volunteer run and can only exist with a great deal of support from parents. Cheer parents are asked to help unroll and roll the mats before and after practice, staff the snack shack during home games, participate in fundraising activities and can also be asked to volunteer during competitions.

Every cheer family is asked to volunteer at some point during the season. Therefore, at least one parent/guardian of every cheerleader is required to submit to a Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) check with LYTFC in order to fulfill their volunteer commitment.